What is this? Where am I? What's it all about?

All good questions. Let me explain.

My name is Giselle and I'm your new best friend. Well, maybe not "best friend." A best friend usually listens in addition to talking, but that's not me. What I will do is be here every day, starting June 1 2019, to share with you whichever song pops into my head.

Why?  What's the point?

Well, here's the thing: I'm a writer. It's a pretty lonely job. Over the years, I've become increasingly socially isolated and you know what? It sucks. It sucks bad.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of us are socially isolated, these days. And not just older people--younger ones, too.  There are "friendly visitor" programs for seniors, but those of us under 65 are kind of lost at sea. I speak from experience.

Let me be your friendly visitor!

If you need a no-pressure visit every day, let me be your visitor. I'll bring a song--whichever song pops into my head, gets stuck in my head, or seems relevant to something th…

#SongoftheDay Unist'ot'en Camp - Stadium Pow Wow (A Tribe Called Red)

I've already written about seeing A Tribe Called Red live this summer, so you can read that post here if you missed it before. It's pretty funny.

I'll just leave this stellar music video here for you to watch. I tend to listen to each song of the day on repeat while I'm writing the post, but I started early on this one. I can't stop listening.

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#SongoftheDay The Pharaohs (Neko Case)

Yesterday's song was pretty hopeful. Today's? Not so much.

"The Pharaohs" is my favourite track from the album Middle Cyclone, and that's saying something--Middle Cyclone has got the song Prison Girls going for it. In fact, Middle Cyclone is one of my all-time favourite albums.  There's no dross here.  Only quality tracks.  And they fit together.  That's what I look for in an album: cohesive tone and no filler.

Two days ago we listened to "It's Raining Men." Men, men, as far as the eye can see.  Yesterday it was "Holding Out For A Hero." No quality men yet, but still hope that one will rear his head.

In "The Pharaohs" we've got a man... but he's no hero. This song suggests there are no heroes.  Only men. And the man in this song isn't the greatest, from the sounds of it.

If you're wondering how you can support me in bringing you songs and visits every day, the easiest thing you can do is tell your friends …

#SongoftheDay Holding Out for a Hero (Bonnie Tyler)

Yesterday we listened to a fabulous number called "It's Raining Men." Maybe you're familiar?

Today's song is similarly expressive, except that, instead of celebrating a bountiful harvest of eligible bachelors, the singer is bemoaning a dearth of them.  She's got hope, though--I'll give her that.  She just hasn't found a guy who meets her standards. And she's not going to betray those standards for any useless schlub. She needs a hero.

But the REAL reason I chose "Holding Out for a Hero" today is that it appears on the Footloose soundtrack.  Somehow, I never got around to telling you about watching Footloose on New Year's Eve.  And you thought I told you everything! Well, I do.  I was just a tad delayed in relaying this tale.

My partner and I actually went out for New Year's Eve.  For me, it was the first time going out since Y2K.  As we were getting ready, Footloose came on TV. I'd never seen it. My partner hadn't either.…

#SongoftheDay It's Raining Men (The Weather Girls)

When I searched yesterday's song of the day (Wings' "Let 'Em In") on YouTube, this tune showed up in my results. And am I ever glad it did!  Even though I know this song well (it is a gay anthem, after all) and I watched music videos incessantly in the 80s, I had never before seen this particular video.

It is spectacular.

This video might just be my favourite of all comedic music videos.  It's funny at every turn. The bad green screen, the skit to start it out, the trench coats, the visit to heaven, the heart-shaped bed... it's got everything you could possible want.

(Plus, I just found out Paul Shaffer co-wrote It's Raining Men. I learn so much curating this blog!)


If you're wondering how you can support me in bringing you songs and visits every day, the easiest thing you can do is tell your friends about the site. Tell anyone you know--particularly people who are isolated and enjoy music.

Readers of adult fiction can also buy my books or …

#SongoftheDay Let 'Em In (Paul McCartney and Wings)

I sat down to write a chapter of the book I'm currently working on--Fortune's Diary, the 5th in my Lesbian Diaries series. Two hundred words in, I wrote "My mother was knocking at my door," and this song immediately popped into my head. So, of course, I had to take a break from writing to listen to it.

Last night, I was telling my partner that writing feels like work. It is work--it's what I do for a living--but it FEELS like work.  I'm not complaining. I've had many jobs in my life, and there's not a single one I'd choose over writing, as a career, but I've been writing professionally for 14 years. That's two 7-year itches.

In the same breath, I told my partner that maintaining my music site--the one you're visiting right now--doesn't feel like work at all.  It feels like play.

Thanks for letting me play with you. (?) And thank you for coming here every day to play with me. (???)

If you're wondering how you can support me in br…

#SongoftheDay I'm A Believer (The Monkees)

Today's song is a nice counterpart to yesterday's "Finally." They're both about finding true love. Finally.

Strangely enough, that's not why I selected "I'm A Believer" today.  I selected it this song because my partner just finished cutting my hair for the first time.  I often cut his hair, so it's only fair.

The thing I found particularly amusing was that I'd earlier asked him to braid my hair.  His response was, "I... don't think I know how to do that."  And yet, when I asked him to CUT my hair, he was like, "Sure!"

Umm... you do realize a braid unravels and a haircut doesn't?

Anyway, he did a great job. I'm very pleased. But I've been cutting my own hair for the past few years, so letting someone else do it is a huge relief.

Once he'd finished cutting my hair, my partner said, "I feel just like Warren Beatty in SHAMPOO!"

I'm not exactly a movie buff, but I have seen that one.

He …

#SongoftheDay Finally (CeCe Peniston)

Music from the late 80s/early 90s seems to appeal to many of the visitors here on the blog. I couldn't be more pleased, because this was a formative time period for me, musically.  In other ways, too, but I find myself gravitating more and more to this music.  Every time a song (like this one) hits me square in the nostalgia centre, I look it up and it's from 1989, 1990, or 1991.

Those were the years I spent taping my favourite Much Music videos onto videocassettes plastered with music note stickers, so it makes senses.

I don't think the me I was thirty years ago would ever have envisioned life shaping up as it has done.

I don't think the me I was three years ago would have.

I've got to admit, being so strongly identified as queer and then falling hard for a straight man is a little... a little what?  I don't know if there's a word for it.  Part of me feels like I'm betraying my people for settling down with someone who's not trans or non-binary or…