#SongoftheDay Cheers Theme: Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Gary Portnoy)

A lot has changed since I first created this blog. Even more changes happened while the blog was on hiatus.

Most notably, my partner was diagnosed with cancer. He is currently receiving treatments, the side effects of which make every day incredibly arduous.

When you become a caregiver, everybody tells you that you have to take care of yourself first--the whole oxygen mask thing. Even my partner tells me I need to take care of myself first, particularly because I have chronic health conditions that make it almost impossible to function some days. It feels kind of ridiculous sometimes, the two of us trying to take care of each other when we're both sick. We need so much help, and right now we have nothing. All we've got is each other.

Every time someone tells me to take care of myself first, I wonder how I'm supposed to do that when my partner's needs are so immediate and life-or-death. He is not a demanding person. Cancer is demanding. It takes over your entire life.

Rather than telling me to take care of myself first, my best friend asked me, "What are you doing to take care of yourself?"

I realized there are two things I can do, and I do do, and they help: I listen to music from the 80s, and I watch reruns of Cheers. I get comfort there. It's like having friends by proxy. The folks at Cheers are entertaining, and they make no demands on me.

No wonder a show called Friends was so popular. Many of us want friendships we don't have, and that's something a sitcom can provide. Cheers is kind of my sanctuary right now.

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